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Although they were a little coll girl contact to receive any more publicity, the couple set the record straight for those who questioned Hicks's extensive efforts to rekindle their relationship.

Thomas, the host of the show, admitted he was "eating crow" after any Fargo ladies ready to play the story with a critical eye Thursday, before he heard the news that they reunited.

After Pegi's number didn't come through on Hicks' cell phone the night they met at The Hub bar in Fargo last month, Hicks was determined to find. Hicks took feady an ad in the City Briefs section of the Herald earlier this week and told his story to the Friends future girlfriend, which ran the article Wednesday.

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Hicks's story quickly gained attention regionwide -- and Pegi's attention. She returned his messages Thursday afternoon, and soon after, they reunited for the first time since the concert Jan.

They did later at the Cadillac Ranch, a small bar at the Gujrat sexy. Hicks clarified Pegi was the one who suggested exchanging numbers, asking him for his number.

He admits he didn't bring his phone into the bar that night because he "wasn't really in the mood for looking for numbers. After meeting Pegi, he regretted that decision.

Thomas asked Pegi if she really called Hicks's phone to leave her number. After the two separated that night -- Hicks had to give a friend a ride home -- and Pegi's number wasn't on his phone, Hicks admitted he was "bummed" for a couple of days.

He said he didn't want Pegi to think he hadn't returned her. At first, Pegi didn't see Hicks's ad in the Herald, but a friend who delivers the newspaper noticed it.

After seeing the ad, Pegi said she thought it was very romantic but admitted she was a bit unsure what to do.

She consulted with friends before calling.

She said she wasn't worried about Hicks' intentions, more along the lines of being shocked. Hicks said he Faryo the weekend off from Cargill in Wahpeton, N.

Ring is a reporting intern at the Herald. Reach her at kring gfherald.

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