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Marrying an only child I Look Sex

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Marrying an only child

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Only children get a bad rap and are rarely spoken of in a positive light.

Marrying an only child selfish, bossy, and spoiled, it would be nice to read the results of a study that had something nice to say about the children born without siblings, wouldn't it?

Indeed, another study annotates that only children are, yet again, bad people.

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Here are the additional percentages: I don't buy it. Below are a few more science-backed things you didn't know about only children.

This makes sense considering only children are most likely to cheat. The study, by Ohio State University, took place across the United States and included 57, adults between and The study found that each onky sibling reduces the likelihood of divorce by two percent. More siblings means more experience dealing with others, and that seems to provide additional help in dealing with a marrying an only child relationship as an adult.

Finally, a good one! According to a study published in the American Sociological Reviewsiblings actually hinder a child in their academic pursuits.

As with the divorce study above, it was found that the more siblings one has, the lower their grades turned out to be. Researchers claim this marrying an only child because as family size increases, parents talk less to each child about school, have lower educational expectations, save less for college, and have fewer education materials available.

As expenses increase, families are making wise financial decisions to have fewer and fewer children, according to experts. In fact, the advancement of these only children children could raise the collective IQ in marrying an only child United States two or three points, predicts Dr.

9 Reasons Why Dating An Only Child Is Difficult, But So Worth It

Frank Sulloway, who teaches psychology at the University of California at Berkeley. The number of only child households has seen a rise in U.

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One has to believe that these habits transgress into all of their relationships, romantic included. Only children are more likely to divorce.