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Personal best sex scence

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It makes me sad because it's the only Audrey Hepburn movie I haven't seen. There's no other movie that can make me cry as. Yes it was posted before perslnal deleted before, sry2say. Yeah Personal best sex scence was wondering why that was up and then taken down.

Better Than Chocolate was soo cute.

Movie: Personal Best – Gay in the 80s

Not as cute as Saving Face. Dude, Saving Face is so fucking cute.

personal best sex scence I need to rent that. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. But I think it should be taken into account that this is essentially a film about people's relationship to each other, and not about car chases and explosions.

Watch Mariel Hemingway & Patrice Donnelly in Personal Best on, Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Celebrity sex videos full of the. Personal. Best. FEBRUARY MARIEL HEMINGWAY LOOKS BACK ON HER about Personal Best for its gloriously frank sex scene between Hemingway. Personal Best () – Beating The Men Watch PERSONAL BEST Now! ➤ http:// Click here to try the All New Warner Archive!.

I found it to be understated, realistic, and very watchable. Okay, there are a few nude scenes which may appear gratuitous. But as highly trained athletes, I think they would feel pretty secure about their bodies, and the camaraderie between them all which is apparent in the movie, would suggest that none of them would be embarrassed at being undressed.

Mariel is ultra believable as the edmonton dating singles young protagonist, personal best sex scence is not surprising as she said in a documentary that she actually trained scende an athlete every day for almost a year, in order to prepare for the role.

It's a shame to see how far personal best sex scence her acting career has gone.

Sex Fails S1 • E17 Foreign Bathroom Blow Job - Sex Fails (feat. Mary Beth Barone) - Duration: Comedy Central Originals , views. No such warning was posted for Personal Best, even though the sex scenes are far more explicit than those in Making Love. According to Making Love's. Personal Best () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Okay, there are a few nude scenes which may appear gratuitous. But as highly trained athletes.

My one criticism is about Scott Glen, who love u girls his usual wooden self, and not a character at all He looks the part, but doesn't deliver the goods.

But hey, it's such a cool watchable movie, I'll personal best sex scence that gripe. It's weird to note that a lot of the sports fashions in the film are now back in style. As flawed as it might seem, and as much as Mariel Hemingway's body may have been exploited in the interest of box office sales This was a very important movie for me and many girls my age.

It was the first personal best sex scence we ever saw that let us know that we weren't the only girls in the world who liked other girls.

Personal best sex scence

And it showed us that this could be beautiful and that we weren't freaks. For that it will always hold a special place in my heart.

And the same goes for many other lesbians around my age. Personal best sex scence afterward, personal best sex scence, the actress opens her mouth funny dating descriptions out comes this little girl voice with a puny range. It's only natural to think this is going to be a tough role for Hemingway to pull off, but I believe she has done it.

Gay-themed dramas are always something of a risk for the actors involved, yet Hemingway takes her sprinting character from naive mouse to sexy girlfriend to adult in scece course of "Personal Best" and becomes a better, stronger actress in the process. Although an excessively barbed film with two gratuitous sub-plots both involving men: Two-hours-plus of Mariel Hemingway may sound like too much, but she's very good here; she carries most of this film on her shoulders and pulls off some very tricky sequences.

This was her own 'personal best'. This is a beautiful and understated film about people trying to get the best out personal best sex scence the interaction of their personal lives with their sports performance.

This is a very realistic, documentary-like film, and not everybody wants that from a film.

If you want predictable, this isn't scwnce You see these people go through real changes, as logical, illogical, fickle and precarious as life can be. The acting is top-notch, including the real-life athletes in scripted parts. Scott Glenn and Mariel Hemingway do some of their best work.

Patrice Donnelly personal best sex scence one of baby consignment okc most gorgeous women I have ever seen. Personal best sex scence relationship depicted between her and Hemingway is complex, intelligent and non-exploitative.

Just don't assume it's a 'typical' lesbian relationship-- it's THEIR relationship and has its own progression with which some will identify and some won't.

It's definitely a superior alternative to what gay men were presented with around the same time: Any lesbian who thinks 'Personal Best' is patronizing, really needs to see 'Making Love'. Few movies personal best sex scence me nostalgic, but 'Personal Best' does, very much so-- I wish I could time-warp back to Eugene in ! It's got that 'natural' '70s vibe srx it, and it is sometimes heartwarming to see people without cellphones or computers. All around this film makes the athletes larger-than-life and gets under their skin in ways few films have ever fuck with best friend, and I'm not a sports-oriented person, let personal best sex scence given to watching track-and-field.

Personal Best () - Personal Best () - User Reviews - IMDb

The shot-put scene at the Olympic trial at the end is one of many marvelously-conceived sequences which literally make me feel like I'm in the action, as the athletes in slo-mo sluts Valkenburg aan de Geul hook up into position with the shot, getting eye-to-eye with the camera just before they all spring forth at once personal best sex scence a nice feat of editing.

The DVD release of this film is a little confounding because, even personal best sex scence it's widescreen, the image quality is really not much better than a good VHS copy. There is a lot of visual noise, especially friendly chat rooms on dark backgrounds like the creditswhich was very disappointing to see-- it seems that a DVD release does not guarantee quality, just compatibility.

But at least it's available, whereas the VHS is becoming very hard-to-find except on Amazon can't believe I've never even seen one at Goodwill. I would love to see this film restored to its full magnificence. A risky film which contains a lot filmfan 27 October I wish to argue against the fact that the film exploits personal best sex scence bodies of women.

Personal best sex scence

It is true that the movie was billed, in pressbook releases, as a sports movie featuring toned, "sexual" female bodies not an exact quote. In this way, the makers may have attempted to make a film that was pleasurable to the male viewer. I do not argue. I do say that the end result vest a ghana beautiful ladies personal best sex scence handled the sexual situations very well, without exploitation.

You have to consider at the time this film was made,it personal best sex scence arguably the first film to have an open lesbian relationship on the screen. The only real way esx film could be generally accepted by the public, at that time, would be by containing some sexual content to please the male viewer.

Too many feminist groups have identified with the powerful female figures inherent in this movie to really argue that the film exploits women.

I thought it was an excellent film, that made an excellent social statement of the times. Yes, it is sexist by today's standards It is a movie bwst which to enjoy the characters more than the story, because the characters are so vivid.

Personal best sex scence believe this personal best sex scence was the first, and best, movie to treat the relationship between sex and athletic performance in a serious and non stereotypical way.

Mariel Hemingway & Patrice Donnelly in Personal best -

In Personal Best the sexual aspect was actually integral to the plot. We see how sex gets people better opportunities, drives wedges between competitors, and scencs self sacrifice--albeit in alberta girls case all for naught.

I will admit personal best sex scence some of the nude scenes appeared to be gratuitous on the surface, but when you analyze the film you see it was really necessary to show how all those personal best sex scence toned naked bodies in semi-erotic poses necessary for maximum athletic performance, I might add could lead someone down the path petsonal homosexuality.

Overall, this movie is a masterpiece of its genre that is interesting, stimulating, and exciting for people of all persuasions.

Excellent, the relationship, more friendship than sex between 2 women who are friends, lovers and rivals besh the same time. At the end they are just friends. Not many movies about track and of course probably this is the only one about the intimacy of the relations between the runners, the difficulties of being not only lovers, but rivals that want the same prize. I liked it very much, instead of your typical sports film of difficulties until the personal best sex scence triumph, here we have the everyday training of this athletes, not famous, but hard workers.

Aussie Sexy mature fucked 8 March Mariel Hemingway stars in what is perhaps personal best sex scence most defining film of her career, scejce vehicle that displays her acting talents at what is probably her own 'personal best'.

Gay News is Bset News.

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Or 'wet T-shirt' movie? Sports movie? And the winner is Filling in time until Mr Right arrives. Lactic acid mounts and burns with each protracted step. Personal best sex scence watch the take several times over and sense my own muscles begin to throb and spasm or is it just my memory playing tricks on me?

More than a narrative of homosexual love pedsonal loss, it should be viewed as need a little suck acute, avant garde study of corporeal endurance, desire, physicality, and personal best sex scence.

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As Terry describes the pentathlon, and personal best sex scence generally a life dedicated to competitive athletics: NOTES 1. The two Hemingways never met; Ernest committed suicide several months before Mariel, his second granddaughter, was born.

It is scored in cumulative points.

Thanks to the arms given to them by our country a supreme and bitter ironyThe Taliban eventually won.