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Enigmacross Professional Edition
Enigmacross Professional Edition


Enigmacross is a professional acrostics puzzle development application. Use it to construct real acrostics just like the kind that appear in newspapers and magazines. With Enigmacross, many features, routine tasks and errors are eliminated, leaving you free to concentrate on creating entertaining and original acrostic puzzles. This version of Enigmacross includes Quotebank quotation database and Crossdown Quotebank. Quotebank is a quotation database manager for storing acrostic puzzle quotations or other kinds of text passages. It is fully integrated with Enigmacross. Quotations are organized by topic. Quotations can be formatted for use by Enigmacross right within Quotebank and can be searched on by topic, text string or author-title line. You can also append notes to the quotations to help keep track of how they were used. New 2011 version!.


Price: $39.95 USD


Enigmacross Professional Edition   $ 39.95
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