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 Crossdown Pro Puzzle Maker
Crossdown Pro Puzzle Maker


This all new Version 7 of Crossdown is a professional crossword development application,designed for the professional and serious hobbyist to construct authentic crossword puzzleslike the kind appearing in most daily newspapers. It is not a word web generator. Generatorsautomatically build what resembles an unfinished Scrabble board from a pre-defined word list.Crossdown does not do this. With Crossdown you have complete control over all aspects ofthe construction process. You put together the puzzle using your own creativity, wit, andintelligence, exactly the way the professionals work. Crossdown is a snap to use, right "outof the box," and includes a number of tools to make crossword building lots more fun andfree of common errors. Crossdown includes Cluebank, a powerful database in which you canstore thousands of crossword clues. You can lookup these clues by searching for a word theninsert them in the Across or Down columns with a single mouse click, or even have Cluebankautomatically clue the entire puzzle for you. Crossdown includes Librarian, a tool that allowsyou to organize your puzzles and quickly view them, or copy them, or search them. The Clonetool enables you to reuse grid designs. Mailbot is a fast way to e-mail a puzzle to anotherCrossdown user. The output functions of Crossdown are extremely comprehensive. You canprint puzzles in a variety of formats. You can output puzzles as PDF files, WMF files, or EPSfiles. You can output puzzles to the Windows clipboard. You can deploy puzzles to websitesfor interactive solving. Crossdown also comes with a lavishly illustrated, indexed Help systemexplaining its many functions and how to construct crosswords. In short, Crossdown gives youeverything you need to make real crossword puzzles the right way, for sale, for corporate use.


Price: $59.95 USD


Crossdown Pro Puzzle Maker   $ 59.95
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