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Quiptics cryptograms are humorous or notable quotations, excerpts or other writings which have been encoded via simple letter substitutions. For example, all of the Bs may have been replaced with Ms, and the Fs with Ys. This is done for every letter in the original text. Letters in kind are always replaced with the same letters in kind.Quiptics adds a few new wrinkles to this enormously entertaining and popular word game. To begin with, Quiptics puzzles have two difficulty levels. Normal mode presents encrypted text in the traditional format - alphabetic letter substitution, at random. Expert mode adds the actual inter-word spaces into the encryption mix! In Expert mode, a space may not actually be a space. Perhaps spaces are really the letter R. By the same token, the letter G may be the space. That is for you to find out.


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Quiptics   $ 19.95
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