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Liberty Street Software

CoinManage is the premium software for Windows used by coin collectors the world over. Includes a comprehensive and accurate values database, recently expanded to include many more grades. Includes for Type-Specific valuations such as Full-Head Standing Liberty Quarters, Full Bell Line Franklin Half Dollars, etc. Values are updated twice a year and are downloaded via the automatic program update feature. Pictures of each type to help you identify the coins you own. Individual pictures for sets and major design changes within a type. Over 1200 images in all. New bar code feature lets you track your certified coins (PCGS, NGC, etc..). Retrieve data related to a certified coin by simply scanning the bar code on the coin slab using your bar code scanner. Attach up to 4 of your images to each coin record. Keep track of defects, Purchase and Selling info, etc. Types and Varieties Manager allows you to add data for Countries or Varieties not present in the program database. Store Internet and Contact Information for Customers, Dealers and Grading Services. Easy One-Click viewing of all coins bought or sold from a particular Dealer/Customer. Store an unlimited number of file or URL attachments with each record. Instantly see which coins you need to complete a particular type. Print the list if you like. CoinManage contains a large database of links to Internet coin collecting sites. Find Coins on eBay! Simply select the varieties you are looking for and press the F8 key (F9 for Completed Items). CoinManage will show eBay listings for the selected coins. Built-in intelligence will filter out unwanted varieties. For example, a search for a 1911 Lincoln Cent will NOT clutter your results with 1911-D or 1911-S Lincoln Cent auctions. Use your Browser Back and Next button to navigate through your searches. Find bargains and get a jump on your competitors by quickly researching coin selling prices.


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CoinManage   $ 59.95
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