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CoinManage Canada
CoinManage Canada

Liberty Street Software

CoinManage Canada features complete listings of all circulation and collector coins from Canada & Provinces, 1858-Present. complete with mintage figures and up-to-date values. Over 3200 listed.

Accurate and up-to-date values from Canadian Coins & Their Varieties. 1750 images of virtually all Canadian coin varieties and sets. Search for Coins on eBay™ by year and mint. No more wasted time wading through hundreds of unrelated listings or having to type in complicated search phrases. Ships with numerous useful reports and includes a fully integrated report designer. Create reports, labels & charts.

Powerful Export abilities. Export data to Microsoft Access, Excel, or to an HTML page. Attach up to 4 of your images to each coin record. supports JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and PNG images. Store an unlimited number of file or URL attachments with each record. Needed to Complete feature. Instantly see which coins you need to complete a particular type. Print the list if you like.

Comes with pre-defined links to related sites. Each record contains over 30 information fields. Keep track of defects, Purchase and Selling info, etc. Types & Varieties Manager allows you to add data for Countries or Varieties not present in the program database. Store Internet and Contact Information for Customers, Dealers and Grading Services. Easy One-Click viewing of all coins bought or sold from a particular Dealer/Customer.


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CoinManage Canada   $ 39.95
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