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Animated Early Learning CD

Flix Productions

The Animated Early Learning CD features 4 great educational games to help young children learn essential skills.The Animated Money Game teaches coin recognition and math skills using realistic, recognizable images of US and Canadian coins. The child matches the coin to its amount; both the front and back of the coins are used. Another game lets the child match a group of coins to amount (2 dimes and a nickel matched to 25 cents). Another game lets the child match groups of coins. You can select the difficulty level.Context sensitive help is available which shows the cumulative values of each group of coins (but does not add them - that's left to the child). When 10 matches are made, the child receives a ticket to a short animated movie. The movies feature clay-animation, full-motion video, stop-motion, and morphing (with great sound effects and music).The Animated Clock Game teaches children to tell time; they learn to convert digital time to analog time and vice-versa. With several difficulty levels, the game lets kids practice in increments of hours, half-hours, 15 minutes, 5 minutes and one minute. Animated rewards "pop out" of the cuckoo clock's doors, and 10 correct answers earn a full-screen silly animation. 100 different animations provide variety. Animated Words is a spelling game; the child must match the word with its picture. When the word is correctly matched, pieces are added to a puzzle. After five correct words the puzzle becomes animated! Guessing what the puzzle will be and do is half the fun.Animated Memory Game is a concentration type game with animation, including clay, stop-motion, morphing, tweening, 3D, cell, and full-motion video. Up to 90 tiles can be used, one or two player mode available.Graphical on screen help insures that kids learn without becoming frustrated. Kids have lots of fun while they learn!.


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  $ 34.95
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