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Life Poster Maker
Life Poster Maker

Lincoln Beach Software Inc

Are you tired of taking hundreds of digital pictures and then not being able to easily print them and show them off? Life Poster Maker will now let you do just that! Create a life poster of the important events in your life, and share your memories with friends and family. Decorate your home or display your photos for a special event. Liife Poster Maker will create many different sizes of posters, so that you can proudly display your photo collection anywhere. Create a poster for each of your children, your sports activities or special occasions.Posters created with Life Poster Maker are suitable for framing, and make a great gift. Grandparents and other family members will be delighted to receive their own poster. Your brother's 40th birthday will never be forgotten when those funny pictures from the past are blown up and hanging on a wall. Create posters for sporting events, church activites, high school reunions, conferences or any other special event.Just specify the overall dimensions and how many pictures you want to appear on the poster, and you'll easily create your poster from those digital photos that you have collected on your PC or CDs. You'll receive a coupon with the software that is good for free printing of your first poster, up to 24 inches by 36 inches on photo quality stock!.


Price: $29.95 USD


Life Poster Maker   $ 29.95
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