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PerfectTablePlan Advanced Edition
PerfectTablePlan Advanced Edition

Oryx Digital

If you are planning a wedding or other special event, PerfectTablePlan will help you manage your guest list, set seating preferences, arrange tables, assign seats, visualise your plan, print charts, stationery, reports and more. PerfectTablePlan is used by thousands of individuals to plan wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs, parties and other private events. PerfectTablePlan is also used by a wide range of companies and organizations to plan fund raising dinners, banquets, award ceremonies and corporate events. This special Advanced Edition has many features not found in the Home Edition, allowing the user to add images to floor plan, add images to stationery, save import mappings, create custom guest fields, and more!.


Price: $79.95 USD


PerfectTablePlan Advanced Edition   $ 79.95
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