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TextAloud With AT&T Natural Voices (Windows Software)
TextAloud With AT&T Natural Voices (Windows Software)

NextUp Technologies

TextAloud 3 uses the power of computer voice synthesis to speak aloud documents, web pages, e-mail and more. Text is converted into spoken audio you can hear on your PC, or save to MP3/Windows Media files for easy playback on portable devices like iPods, PocketPCs, and CD players. Premium ATT Natural Voices (tm) 16kHz Mike and Crystal voices are included. A batch file converter lets you convert audio files quickly from any number of documents. A new improved interface with support for skins handles multiple documents with ease and includes voice, pitch and volume adjustments on the main window so you can customize voices while TextAloud is speaking. Change voices within a single document to simulate conversation or multiple speakers. You can open Word, PDF and HTML files directly in TextAloud, and there is also an Internet Explorer toolbar plugin to make reading web pages a breeze. A unique Proofread function helps make anything you write mistake free.


Price: $58.00 USD


TextAloud With AT&T Natural Voices (Windows Software)   $ 58.00
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