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Repligator Easy Graphics Effects: Professional Version
Repligator Easy Graphics Effects: Professional Version

Ransen Software

Use special effects based on the style of famous artists and other beautiful and unique graphics effects. Repligator V12 is a very easy to use graphics effects program which runs on Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. Simply import your image file and hit F7 a few times to see which of 100 possible effects Repligator suggests.Repligator is a stand-alone program, though the Pro version can also run as a plug-in for Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. Repligator is designed for people who want to quickly apply graphics effects to their images, and is a great accessory for both experienced and novice digital camera users. Simply open your original image in Repligator and select the effect to apply, for example "Roman Mosaic", "Sepia" or "Old Photo". Alternatively let the Wizard do the selection and fine tune the results if required.Among the 10 new effects in this version are "Captioned Photo", "Lightening", "Digital Cubism", and "Ragged Edges".Repligator has a command to create as many as 100 variations on your original image in one go. Simply hit the F12 key, then you can examine and fine tune all the created images at your leisure.Simplicity of use has been built into Repligator, and wizards are used extensively throughout the program.


Price: $57.95 USD


Repligator Easy Graphics Effects: Professional Version   $ 57.95
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