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AssetManage Enterprise
AssetManage Enterprise

Liberty Street Software

When it comes time to inventory your company's assets, AssetManage provides all the functionality you need, including: customizable reports, printing and scanning barcodes.

Keep track of all the assets you have, where they are, who has them and all costs associated with an asset.

Track maintenance costs, repairs, leases and other expenses Scan and Print Barcodes, create your own barcode labels. Calculate Monthly and Annual Depreciation Use the Asset Audit Wizard to find missing assets. Includes many useful reports. Create your own reports. AssetManage is offered in two editions; the Standard Edition which uses a Microsoft Access™ data file, and the Enterprise Version for Microsoft SQL Server™ and other ODBC-compliant databases. Multi-User capable.


Price: $299 USD


AssetManage Enterprise   $ 299
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