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AssetManage Standard Business Asset Tracking Software
AssetManage Standard Business Asset Tracking Software

Liberty Street Software

Use AssetManage to keep track of all your company assets, including furniture, office equipment, computers and more. AssetManage ships with numerous pre-defined reports. Reports include: Depreciation Report for Year, Assets by Department, Assets by Category, Bar Code label templates for the Brother QL-500/550 label printer and more. Handles multiple locations. A powerful Run Report Using feature lets you run reports using only assets belonging to the currently selected location, employee, query, department, etc.. Multi-User ready. Simply specify the central location of the data file during installation or from the Preferences. Import delimited text files and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data into AssetManage. Export data to HTML, Access database or an Excel spreadsheet.


Price: $295.00USD


AssetManage Standard Business Asset Tracking Software  $295.00
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