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Get 'em Done To Do List
Get 'em Done To Do List

StudyLamp Software

From the developer: You need a to-do list, not a philosophy about organizing your life.Why should you spend a week just figuring out how to plan out every detail of your life? The point of a to-do list is to save time, not waste it. So don't waste your time! Just a to-do list.Get 'em Done ToDo is only a to-do list. It's not a project management program; it's not a personal database; it's not an alarm application; and it's not a planner. Get 'em Done is just a to-do list program!You've probably seen a few other to-do applications. You've seen their screenshots, showing you five million different features and icons, with fancy graphs and trees, and all that stuff. Frankly, I saw that too, which is why I designed Get 'em Done. I didn't have time to learn all of those bells and whistles, and I doubted I had any use for them. I bet you don't, either. No Hassle. Get started in five minutes.From download-to-list will take you all of five minutes, and you'll be on your way to getting your tasks under control. Maybe ten minutes if you decide to read the help file, which you can probably ignore.


Price: $19.95 USD


Get 'em Done To Do List   $ 19.95
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